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ElixArt is a successful emergent duet of two young artists Liudmila Suhorucova and Daria Dubrovina. Coming from Eastern Europe cultural background, these two creative designers met in Milano during their studies in Istituto Europeo di Design (IED) in 2015.
They put together their talent, imagination and energy for crating paintings in 4 hands – a new luxury art concept of representation the beauty of our world and life.

22 May 2018- 18 July 2019 – Golden Line of Harmony Exhibition, Hotel Carlton, Cannes, FRANCE
June 2019-Now – Cars&Sins with Lamborghini & Maserati at RMCAutoSports, MONACO
23-25 May 2019 – Monaco Grand Prix, Get High Speed with Ferrari, MONACO
18-25 February 2019 – Art And Fashion, Presentation of the Collection Cars&Sins, Majestic Diana Sheraton Hotel, Milano, ITALY
April 2019 – Golden Line of Harmony for Fuori Salone del Mobile, Siana Hotel, & Columbus Hotel, Milano, ITALY
Curriculum Artistic Exhibition and Art Fairs
22 December-7 January 2018 – Art Exhibition by MetArt, Milano, ITALY
17 November2017-May 2018 – UNIK ART, Beausoleil, FRANCE
12-28 October 2017 – Art and Design, Exhibition Center C. Barancusi, Chisinau, MOLDOVA
22-24 September 2017 – International Art Fair ArtEXPOSPb 2017, St. Petersburg, RUSSIA
18-22 July 2017 – Donostiartean International Art Night Market, San- Sebastian, SPAIN
14-17 June 2017 – Art Basel week at ArtBox Project Basel 1.0, SWITZERLAND
13-26 May 2017 – Astronomy and Art, collective exhibition, Imbersago (MI), ITALY
February- March 2017 – Personal ElixArt Exhibition, Brian&Barry Building, Milano, ITALY
17-19 February 2017 – Genova International Art Fair, ITALY July 2016 – launch of ElixArt Project